Wealth Management

agape_0012_iStock_000019712985Small-money field-wealth mgtManaging Your Wealth Wisely

For many people pre- and post-retirement, their chief financial concerns revolve around HIIT (health care, income, inflation, and taxes) and answering the question: will you run out of money before you run of time?

For those with larger financial reserves, their greater concern becomes proper stewardship, tax minimization to increase savings, legacy planning, charitable bequests, and wealth transference. They are also those who regularly utilize asset management,  active investment strategies, and diversification strategies as part of their investment planning to leave a legacy. Agape Financial provides unbiased investment advice to all its clients.

Some have defined wealth management has been defined as “A professional service which is the combination of financial/investment advice, accounting/tax services, and legal/estate planning for one fee.”1

At Agape Insurance and Financial Services, LLC , we have formed strategic partnerships for those who do not already have such a team in place. We can also work effectively with your current team.

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • What do you want your retirement to look like?

If you anticipate income from a pension and medical coverage from your former employer, do you have alternative sources in case one or both are discontinued or unavailable during your retirement?

Will your savings or assets be able to produce income, not just something you draw on?

  • How are you managing your risks and liabilities?
  • Is your will up to date?
  • You aren’t looking for the latest fad but don’t want to miss a solid investment opportunity.

What is your time horizon?

What is the real value of the investment? Is it undervalued and conditions right for above average growth or is it overvalued and better to sell now.

How does it affect cash flow, taxes, donations and major gifts to nonprofits, or political donations?

What are the relationships between it and other parts of your plan, your desires, and your values?

  • What would make you change your plan? How are you monitoring it?
  • How much do you personally want to learn about financial issues?
  • Who is part of your team, including accountants and lawyers?



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