Succession Planning

agape_0011_iStock_000011167110Small-People Puzzle Pcs-SuccessionYou Built it So They Would Come

You have built or are building a business, an organization, church or ministry, or some other entity that you may want to continue beyond your lifetime. You may choose to transfer it to someone else, be sold as part of your retirement plan, continue to receive income from it during your retirement, etc.  These are some of the options consider in successful succession planning.

You know you will need insurance to cover the regular operations, key employees, and liabilities but have you investigated what  it will take to cover the transition from your leadership to another’s so the best choices can be made?

At Agape Insurance and Financial Services, LLC , we offer a range of succession planning services to help you and your organization be ready:

  • Buy-Sell Planning, including succession funding planning
  • Disability Buy-Sell Planning
  • Key Man
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Qualified plans (for example, 401(k) & 403(b) plans)
  • Executive Bonus Plans