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Services You Need on the Road to Financial Freedom

Often when our clients are talking about “retiring,” their real hope is to “achieve financial freedom.” But many want to see how they could reach that goal long before they reach the age their parents or grandparents retired, while still having a home, putting their children through college and getting their own advanced degrees, building a business or nonprofit organization, giving to their favorite charities, taking vacations, and attaining other goals.

Agape Insurance and Financial Services provides you a wide range of services to help you make the best choices for your financial future:

Financial planning

We utilize an active investment strategy  and diversification strategy in your asset management as part of investment planning to help build your savings as part of creating a legacy, all with unbiased investment advice.

Wealth management
Succession planning
Group Retirement Plans
Disaster preparedness and recovery

A Special Note about Pastors, Churches, and Those Serving Others

It takes a unique person who spends part or most of his or her life serving others and Agape is here to help.

Despite all they contribute to our society, they often receive a significantly a lower income than most professions requiring a similar level of education. Although they may say they never ‘plan’ to retire, being financially prepared for the unexpected is wise stewardship for both their families and the people they serve.

For others, they set a goal to go into full-time ministry after years in the corporate, academic, military, or public sector, realizing they must also prepare financially to make the transition.

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