Pastors and Churches

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Let’s face it, most pastors we know aren’t in ministry for the money. They love to serve and so empathize with those hurting in their congregation that they minimize funding their personal needs to make as many resources available as possible.

As part of Agape Insurance and Financial Services, LLC’s comprehensive services, we will also review your church’s needs, including insurance for liability and professional exposure as we would for any business entity. It’s one less task for an already very busy pastor.


Retirement Planning

Pastor, the question is, when it is your time to retire, can you?

From our experience working with pastors, they either don’t have a plan or have one that is not adequately funded. Some of the reasons given:

  • Substantial amount of the pastor’s earned income and resources are put back into the church
  • No money in the budget
  • Elders and church members feel the pastor is already adequately compensated
  • Opted out of social security
  • No qualified plan was established
  • Not a priority 



An accident, sudden illness, or other life-changing event could make it impossible for you to carry out your pastoral responsibilities, either for a short period of time or permanently. How would your family and congregation be affected?

  • In the 1980s, it was quite popular for pastors to opt out of Social Security to save money.  In retrospect, was that a wise move? Do you have the ability to get back in?
  • If you become temporarily or permanently disabled, will the church continue to pay you and be able also for provide financial compensation to a replacement pastor?
  • What effect would a long-term disability have on you and your family?
  • If you are provided housing in a church owned property, how long before you have to move?
  • Would your family be able to stay in the church?


Premature Death

The unexpected death of a pastor can throw the congregation future into a tailspin, especially if there are no associate pastors who can take on the responsibilities. What about your family?

  • Would your family the able to maintain its current lifestyle?
  • Would your family be able to stay in the church?
  • Are you in a parsonage?


Succession Planning

Finding a replacement for a pastor is a difficult and emotional task. Often it is done when it is too late to do anything else. Not only are there spiritual and personality qualifications for selecting a new pastor but the financial aspects of the transition must also be considered. Agape Financial has the tools and experience to help you consider all the variables involved creating a successful succession plan.