Company Profile

Agape Insurance and Financial Services, LLC helps individuals, groups, companies, and organizations articulate their financial objectives; creates a financial plan suited to their needs, time horizon, and risk tolerance level; provides tactical implementation; and supplies ongoing review and support to meet those objectives.

A source of unbiased investment advice, Agape Financial applies active investment strategies and a diversification strategy as key components of their investment planning and asset management, including savings, to increase their clients’ financial success.


Media Inquiries

Please call Jim Leone, President of Agape Insurance and Financial Services, LLC at 440.527.0402.
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References, Trademarks and Logos

Use of Name: Our official name is Agape Insurance and Financial Services, LLC. On second mention, the name can be abbreviated to “Agape Financial.”

Trademarks: None at this time

Logos: For use of logos or different versions of logos, please contact Jim Leone at 440.527.0402.