Investment Planning

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Or perhaps you went through the process of creating a plan several years ago and have made few if any adjustments to it. When it comes to financial planning, doing the same thing over and over only leads to complacency in a comfort zone. Indeed, complacency is the enemy of finances. It is only cured temporarily by a crisis.


What is your self talk? For instance are you saying, “I’m too far in debt.” Realizing that a situation may have taken years to build will not be overcome in 6 weeks will help you begin moving in the right direction.


What is your priority? We live in a culture where the lure of instant gratification is greater than in previous generations (think ‘snail mail’ vs. ‘texting’).

Setting aside a portion of your income or windfall allows you to start. It may mean you won’t have everything you want all the time but you will achieve far more than the temporary satisfaction of those things you passed up.


Once you begin the process of investment planning, it might seem as painful as returning to the gym after a long period of inactivity. Yet with the goal in mind, Agape becomes your trainer and workout partner, providing expert advice, monitoring, and reporting to adjust your portfolio as you progress.

Whether you are losing a large amount of weight to improve your health or are training to run a marathon, being consistent in making good decisions will position you for success.