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agape_0002_iStock_000024300605SmallDesigning Your Financial Future

Congratulations for being a part of a select few! At the incredible pace of our lives run, few people make financial planning a priority. That is, until a financial crisis arises or they receive a windfall, such as sales of assets, an inheritance or a settlement. Others believe that their net worth is too small.



At Agape Insurance and Financial Services, LLC , we take you through a detail examination of your current situation before launching into creating a financial plan. We’ll review your documents, short-term and long-term income, assets, commitments, and needs including your investment portfolio and retirement funds. We’ll also offer thought provoking questions to help you articulate what success looks like to you.

You may choose to bring other family members into part of the discussion. You may be holding assets in common or have parents or siblings with long-term medical needs. Even if the young adults in your life do not have many assets of their own, discussing how you approach financial planning could lead to a great learning experience for them to make good choices in their own lives.

We also recognize that we are also a part of a team of professionals, including your attorney and tax advisors. The well-designed financial plan takes all of these issues into consideration.


Minimizing Risk

A good financial plan may eliminate a lot of sleepless nights. Everyone’s risk tolerance level is different. Knowing what income and flexibility you will need and when you will need it helps identify what level of risk you may be prepared to take which reveals options you may best fit your plan.

Next we’ll examine how prepared you are to successfully navigate circumstances that could lead to major and lesser losses. Find the right balance and types of insurance coverage you need will help you manage your expenses better. We may also discover simple changes you can make that reduce your liability exposure.


Designing a Financial Plan

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, some employers are making drastic changes to not only their employee health coverage but reviewing their entire benefit package. Having a well designed financial plan customized to your needs will help you recognize an opportunity or an impending crisis as you make important choices. Most importantly, it defines a clear path toward your dreams so you can stay on track.

We offer unbiased investment advice. Your personalized financial plan may include some or all of the following: insurance, savings for education, home purchases, retirement, etc., an active investment strategy, and diversification strategy as part of your overall investment planning, asset management, succession planning  for your business or organization, and leaving a legacy.


Monitoring and Reporting

Just like a will, you can’t establish a financial plan, sign a few documents, and put it on a shelf. For instance in the world of investments, “buy and hold” has been a historic paradigm but our active investment strategy might better suit your risk tolerance level and goals.

We provide you with regular monitoring and reports to make the necessary adjustments to keep you on track toward your goals.



As laws change, new resources and tools come into the marketplace which can improve your financial plan, or your focus may shift slightly (or significantly), we can be a dependable resource to help you find the information you need. We can also help you review offers and documents you receive over time from other parties.

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