Reaching Your Financial Objectives


Agape Works for You

By choosing the name “Agape” we emblazon our intent to serve with our clients, not just as customers or friends, but with integrity and a deep desire to see that they have a well lived life.

In today’s dynamic economic, social, and political climate, you need a partner like Agape Insurance and Financial Services, LLC to help you evaluate your options to meet your financial objectives. We provide customized financial planning, investment management services, and insurance to individuals, families, pastors, churches, and companies currently in Ohio, Michigan, and Florida. We’re also life licensed in Pennsylvania.

We regularly meet new people who want to steward their money and assets well. They range from those who are just starting out to post-retirement. Using sound principles, we identify their values, responsibilities, dreams, and desires to design and implement a financial plan with regular reviews to move them toward their goals and objectives.

As our name Agape implies, we also have a special place in our hearts for those who want to use their abilities and experience to help others. It takes planning to be able to work in an underdeveloped country or even in the inner city with little or no pay for months or years, start your own foundation, or provide for a smoother transition when the leadership changes following the departure or death of the founder.


Uncertainty is a Reality

Ideally you want to begin working toward your financial objectives to create the future you want when you are just starting out and you can take advantage of saving a little over a long period of time. Yet if you are in your forties, fifties, and even sixties and realize that you are not ready for retirement at 65 or 70 years of age, it’s not too late! You may need to employ more active investment strategies.

Even when you have done everything right, the unexpected can derail your dreams. It can be a job loss, a change in your industry, an illness or accident, natural disaster, or other event.  You may also be in the ‘sandwich’ generation providing support to your teens and dealing with the issues faced by your aging parents.

In the economic meltdown in the last decade, many people saw their investments and retirement savings lose value, had to take pay cuts to keep their jobs, or lost their jobs entirely.  If you are in senior management or a business owner, a change in your industry, the economy or regulations could make your company less competitive, even threatening its survival. If you are a pastor, involved in ministry in a faith community, or in leadership in a non-profit, the loss of income among the congregation or those who donate to the organization could significantly affect your income.

For those who have assets and sources of income that make them less vulnerable to most economic cycles, their goal will be to identify investment opportunities while protecting what they have. We offer unbiased investment advice, asset management, and active investment and diversification strategies as part of overall investment planning. Having a strong handle on their current situation and financial objectives also positions them well to help the people and causes that matter most to them.



Unexpected Good Things

You may also receive a large sum of money from an inheritance, real estate or business sale, a buyout or settlement, bonus or commission, royalty, divorce, etc.  Making wise choices in light of your financial objectives can impact you and your family for future generations.


More than Survival or Protection

You are more than your net worth. Knowing your options, or even that you have some, will help you see the possibilities in your circumstances.

Agape Insurance and Financial Services, LLC has the knowledge, experience, and the dedication to provide you the service that moves you toward your goals. We will provide timely information, unbiased investment advice and tracking to help you and the other professionals in your life, such as accountants and lawyers, improve the quality of your decisions.