Disaster Preparedness

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As Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, tornados such as those that hit Joplin, Missouri and Washingon, Illinois, and many other natural disasters prove, it takes much more than having an insurance policy that covers replacement value to be prepared to recover from a disaster.

Your income can go to zero if your company cannot continue to operate.
Jobs may be scarce if the disaster is widespread.
A job search may take a long time if you need to relocate to another community where you have no connections.  Federal disaster assistance may be available but not arrive within your time frame.
Rebuilding can take years, if it is an option at all.

Just as you might take a first aid course to be ready for a medical emergency, Agape Insurance and Financial Services, LLC encourages you to examine your own financial and personal plans using different scenarios before a disaster hits.

Even if you never need to implement your disaster recovery plan, knowing you are ready will increase your confidence and your peace of mind.

For some helpful information before we discuss this topic in our meeting, visit http://www.redcross.org/prepare


Disaster Financial Recovery Booklet