Asset Management

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If you are not investing, you are gambling your future.  As you get older, you will experience increased pressure to make your investments yield greater returns, especially if you are not saving.

  • When you have limited time, your options are reduced. You may have to save more, spend less, take on a second job, have a “staycation” rather than go where you want to go, choose a public school or university instead of a private one, etc.
  • Some parents may feel the pressure to pull money out of their retirement fund to pay for their children’s college. Yet, it is easier to borrow for college than for retirement.

How much risk you can assume depends on your risk profile. What is your time horizon for your major goals? There is a time and place for risk-taking.  Even if you are young, why choose abnormal risk for abnormal gain?

We don’t necessarily recommend being moderate.  How many people long ago invested in their company’s 401K and have not looked at it or reviewed it since the first quarter. This inattention becomes a kind of gambling risk versus thoughtful investment risk.